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 Circa Watch labs is a horological oriented watch mod store focused on curating, and assisting the modification of timepieces for the modern man. Offering premium NH movements and aftermarket pieces paying homage to a wide variety of models, minus the high-cost in the watch market, we’re making luxury more accessible. Circa watch laboratories LLC-FZ is not affiliated with any brands shown, nor do we represent any of the various mentioned watch brands. *Seiko® does not manufacture any of our advertised watches , some of our catalogues is made with a combination of authentic Seiko® parts and aftermarket parts. Circa watch laboratories LLC-FZ is not affiliated with any brands mentioned, nor do we represent, Seiko®.
We use aftermarket pieces like NH movements and steel cases using different parts from Non-OEM suppliers from various marketplaces such as Ebay, Etsy, Amazon and Aliexpress, to make unique custom modified pieces. These parts are already manufactured by independent third party suppliers in which we only assemble the watches based on parts available on these marketplaces in which we purchase from. We are not responsible for any manufacture of the parts.
Handcrafted with both genuine TMI and non-original spare parts.
 In life, whether you are working hard or enjoying the finer things in life, Maintaining elegance and class is always a necessity…
 It's our personal mission to achieve this by making sure your wrist game is always next level.